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After the release of their first album "Southern Face" in July 2005, which was accompanied by a highly successful tour through New Zealand, Basscamp have had extensive radio-play in New Zealand and hit no. 5 in the NZ Indie Album Charts and no. 12 on the national CD sales chart later that year.
Basscamp are getting massive exposure on alternative radio in Australia at the moment, notably Firm FM (Bondi, Sydney) and a couple of stations in Melbourne.

At the helm is producer/musician Confucius. Queenstown MC Killah Puha and his brother Stauny aka Switch feature alongside Otautahi vocalists Matiu Tehuki and Natalie Bascand and from Wellington Lotus and Xhale.

Aimed at lovers of dubbed out soulful grooves and fat basslines it is designed to be analog and organic-sounding with the phatness of digital beats, a fusion of the old and new. A massive lineup of talented NZ musicians accompanies these vocalists on Southern Face the debut album from Aotearoa collective Basscamp, to keep your head nodding...

Basscamp have played and play many of New Zealand's top venues regularly, such as the Khuja Lounge, Indigo, Home, Subculture and Apartment 1.
The US charity compilation "Songs for Choice" (street date: 05/23/06 ) , featuring artists in support of justice and women's rights by dpulse Recordings will also contain a Basscamp track, namely "Blaze In Dub".


* Inclined (feat. KP)
* Move With It (feat. Matiu)
* It´s My Sound
* Crossovera (Remix of It´s My Sound, feat. Raggadon & Messenjah)
* Start The Show (feat. KP & Switch)
* Back Again (feat. Sticky Fingaz)
* Honour Bound (Basscamp Remix)
* Push Ya Sound (feat. Matiu & Natalie)
* Tell Them Youth (feat. KP)
* Plantation Dub
* Uprise (feat. Xhale & Lotus)
* Did You Wrong (feat. Matiu Tehuki & Natalie Bascand)
* Blaze In Dub
* Who Teach (feat. KP)

BASSCAMP Album - "Southern Face"

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