Welcome to the official TON 4 MUSIC website!

Our publishing house has specialized in publishing of classical music, filmmusic and indie music as well as the production and worldwide digital distribution of music and music videos of all kind, i.e. classical music, pop, rock, ethno, alternative, hiphop and triphop.

TON 4 MUSIC and its co-operation partners TON 4 RECORDS and JUPITER PROMOTIONS offer bands, producers and labels the opportunity of worldwide publishing, promotion, digital representation and distribution of their repertoire on all major download platforms like Itunes, AOL, Phonoline and OD2, as well as radio- and TV- stations such as GOTV, MTV and VIVA, and distribute their physical DVDs and CDs.

Worldwide publishing and digital distribution is the future, and this is what TON 4 MUSIC, TON 4 RECORDS and Jupiter Promotions do.

What you need is a publishing house and distributor for this rapidly expanding market!

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